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Re: Do Klingons whisper?

From: "qe'San (temp ADSL email)" <>
> "What the mind can conceive and believ the mind can achieve"
> My attempt to translate this infamous positive mental attitude saying is
> yabDaq nuq gherlaHlu' 'ej nuq HarlaHlu' 'e' chavlaHlu'

Question as object!!!!  AAHHHHH!!!!!  :)

And also notice that you used /-laH/ and /-lu'/ together, which is a no-no
(they're both Type 5), and you used /'e' Xlu'/, which is also wrong (that's
what /net/ is for).

Dochmey'e' QublaHbogh yab 'ej HarlaHbogh chavlaH yab.

Stardate 2153.5

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