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Re: "in (language)"

ghunchu'wI' (

On Nov 29, 2009, at 10:23 AM, <>  

> Dajatlhpu' <DaghItlhHa'pu'> 'ach QaghwIj jIhyajbe'. nuq  
> jIghItlhHa'? vIHechpu': "I am ready to learn" (based on 4.2.2 in  
> TKD). batlh Daghajchug QaghwIj yi'ang.

vI'angta'qu'.  <jIgholrup> DaghItlh.  Dap 'oH.  <jIghojrup>  

> naDevvo' (tlhIngan Qummem mu'ghom) mu'qoqvam <JAF> vItlhappu'.

nuq 'oH naDevvetlh'e'?  <Qummem> vIyajbe'.

> (I couldn't find an expression for "response" or "answer" in TKD  
> (going back to it I see that I somehow overlooked the verb {jang},  
> and so trusted the lexicon on this website. I have since moved on  
> to this online pocket dictionary for when I am too pressed for time  
> to refer to TKD. I will be much more circumspect in the future.)

What is "this online pocket dictionary"?

> vaj jIQaghqa'be'.
> Do you think this last sentence shows an acceptable use of the  
> adverbial <vaj>?


-- ghunchu'wI'

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