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Re: How {wanI'} gets used

ghunchu'wI' (

On Nov 25, 2009, at 2:18 PM, Christopher Doty wrote:

> Cheers, thanks!  I was using the iPhone app, which only gives
> "phenomenon" as a translation for wanI'; event/occurrence makes much
> more sense :)

That's odd; my copy of the the Ultralingua Klingon dictionary app  
lists {wanI'} as meaning "/noun/ 1. phenomenon 2. event 3.  
occurrence".  The dictionary was very carefully vetted, and I would  
be extremely surprised if any of the definitions were missing.  (A  
handful of newer words did manage to be left out, but the developers  
now know about them, and I expect any updates to the app will add them.)

I actually have the full Klingon suite, not just the dictionary.  If  
the standalone dictionary app indeed lacks the rest of the meanings,  
Ultralingua should be told about it.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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