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Re: Facebook in Klingon

De'vID jonpIn (

To facilitate discussion, here are ten expressions from Facebook which need
translating into Klingon.  (I'm not posting the translations which have
already been suggested, so as to not bias the discussion.)  The "glossary"
information is additional clarification provided by Facebook about what the
expression is intended to mean.
1. Mobile Video
   Glossary: Video uploaded from a mobile phone.

2. <b>1</b> poke

3. employer

4. Profile
   Glossary: A facebook profile is the single page that a user creates to
represent herself to her friends. Thus, when John looks at Mary's profile,
he sees whatever Mary has chosen to represent herself.

5. skip
   Glossary: to skip and go on to the next page.

6. contact info
   Glossary: profile field where a user lists their contact information,
such as phone number, instant message screenname, etc.

7. Type the name of a company

8. bid
   Glossary: A bid is the maximum amount of money an advertiser is willing
to pay per click or impression when using Facebook Ads.

9. education

10. public search listing


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