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RE: Facebook in Klingon

Steven Boozer (

> For example, how might one signify "link"

*{De'wI' Quv} website, URL (DloraH) - lit. "computer coordinates"

I've also seen *{rarwI'} "connector" used on occasion.

> or "address book" 

{Quv tetlh} "coordinate(s) list" perhaps?

>                       or, in the more specialized terminology of sites
>like Facebook, how to express "Wall-to-Wall" or "Friend Request"? I once
>saw <jabbI'ID> used to mean "e-mail" but was this a nonce usage or is it
>accepted by (or acceptable to) a quorum of well-versed tlhIngan Hol

{jabbI'ID} "data transmission" has been used for "e-mail" and *{jabbI'IDghom} for "mailing list, newsgroup" on this list ever since its inception.  (What's it been, 15 years now?)  Some people use {QIn} "message" which appeared in KGT, but {jabbI'ID} is still widely used.

Related words I've seen more than once (and their sources) include:

*{jabbI'ID pat}         e-mail (the system in general) (ghunchu'wI')
*{jabbI'ID Quv}         e-mail address (ghunchu'wI')
*{jabbI'ID'a'}          e-mail digest (of posts) (ghunchu'wI')
*{jabbI'IDghom loHwI'}  list owner/administrator (KLI)

Canon Master of the Klingons

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