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Re: Facebook in Klingon

De'vID jonpIn (

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 11:34 AM, Steven Boozer <>wrote:
> >                       or, in the more specialized terminology of sites
> >like Facebook, how to express "Wall-to-Wall" or "Friend Request"? I once
> >saw <jabbI'ID> used to mean "e-mail" but was this a nonce usage or is it
> >accepted by (or acceptable to) a quorum of well-versed tlhIngan Hol
> >jatlhwI'pu'?

What are the canonical references to the terms <reD> and <tlhoy'> (<pa'
reD>, <chevwI' tlhoy'>, <pIn tlhoy'>)?

Also, might there be a culturally more appropriate rendition of
"wall-to-wall" that conveys the meaning without using the "wall"
terminology?  (Might a Klingon, for example, decorate another's <Ha'quj> or
hang a <no' DIr> rather than post to a "wall"?)

One problem I can see with translating some of FB's messages is that they
might need to be significantly rephrased to be more Klingon-like or
verb-centric.  For example, for "You have N friend requests", something like
<jupchaj Damoj 'e' lupoQ N nuvpu'> might be better than a literal


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