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Re: Facebook in Klingon

Christopher Doty (

On Thu, Dec 10, 2009 at 21:01, De'vID jonpIn <> wrote:
> To facilitate discussion, here are ten expressions from Facebook which need
> translating into Klingon.  (I'm not posting the translations which have
> already been suggested, so as to not bias the discussion.)  The "glossary"
> information is additional clarification provided by Facebook about what the
> expression is intended to mean.
> 1. Mobile Video
>   Glossary: Video uploaded from a mobile phone.
> 2. <b>1</b> poke

There is a canon verb for 'act with the first finger', but I don't
know that it shows up anywhere besides the KLI word list (?).

> 3. employer


> 4. Profile
>   Glossary: A facebook profile is the single page that a user creates to
> represent herself to her friends. Thus, when John looks at Mary's profile,
> he sees whatever Mary has chosen to represent herself.
> 5. skip
>   Glossary: to skip and go on to the next page.

Depending on how this works, it could just be a negative imperative
(i.e., "send" and "don't send").

> 6. contact info
>   Glossary: profile field where a user lists their contact information,
> such as phone number, instant message screenname, etc.
> 7. Type the name of a company
> 8. bid
>   Glossary: A bid is the maximum amount of money an advertiser is willing
> to pay per click or impression when using Facebook Ads.
> 9. education
> 10. public search listing
> --
> De'vID

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