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Facebook in Klingon

blake.turner (

I just stumbled across this, an in-progress and apparently open source effort to create a tlhIngan Hol language option for Facebook users. It's obviously not complete (the page lists 7 "Active Translators" and the progress bar is set at about halfway), but in case it hasn't come up here I thought I'd bring it to the group's attention in case anyone is interested in participating or already has and wants to share about it. (Sorry if this has already come up here. The search function for the
archives wasn't responsive and I couldn't find any mention of this
manually.) You obviously need to have an account to get in on it. As far as I can tell, all of the translations are done but are waiting to be voted on (I suppose if there are enough negative votes, the option to edit or change translations will reopen?). 

As neophyte to the language, the process of recognizing what Klingon expressions best serve for contemporary online phraseology is very interesting and personally relevant (especially as the majority of my Klingon practice occurs online). For example, how might one signify "link" or "address book" or, in the more specialized terminology of sites like Facebook, how to express "Wall-to-Wall" or "Friend Request"? I once saw <jabbI'ID> used to mean "e-mail" but was this a nonce usage or is it accepted by (or acceptable to) a quorum of well-versed tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu'? And so forth.

The link to the page in question is:



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