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Re: Basic grammar question

Alan Anderson ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

ja' Voragh:
> P.S.  I checked my notes and could find no examples of a joint/ 
> compound
> object using {-vaD}.  Looking elsewhere, I found three different  
> methods
> for handling multiple nouns with other Type 5 (syntactic marker)  
> noun suffixes:
>    poSDaq nIHDaq je QamtaHvIS SuvwI'pu', chaH jojDaq yItnIS lopwI'
>    The initiate must pass through a gauntlet of warriors. S9
> {poSDaq nIHDaq je}  "on the left (side) and on the right (side)" -  
> repeat
> the suffix on both nouns
>    juHqo' Qo'noSvo' loghDaq lengtaHvIS tlhInganpu'
>    During the (aggressive) expansion of the Klingon people
>    from their homeworld of Kronos into space...  SP1
> {juHqo' Qo'noSvo'} "from the homeworld QonoS" = apposition with one  
> suffix
> on the second noun
>    quwargh tach Qe' je qoDDaq Hov leng Soj DatIv
>    Enjoy Star Trek themed food and drink at Quark's
>    Bar and Restaurant.  STX
> {<quwargh tach Qe' je> qoDDaq} "in the interior of <Quark's bar and
> restaurant>" - place the suffix on an "area noun" used with the  
> multiple
> nouns linked by {je}

There's also the {tIngvo' 'evDaq chanDaq} idiom, with no  
conjunction.  The words are simply placed in sequence, implying a  
sequence of motion.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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