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Re: Basic grammar question

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Doq wrote:

> maleng qorDu'wIj.
> Does it work? It does seem very strange and we have no canon to back  
> it up as normal. Why does it seem strange?

It seems strange because it violates the known rules given in TKD.

> If we didn't have this parallel English construction, there would not  
> have been anything to prepare us for {tajwIj qanob}. Since we do have  
> the construction in English, the Klingon is easy to understand.

Let's be clear about this. Okrand came up with the "prefix trick" on a 
message board, not in a book, which means it almost certainly wasn't a 
planned feature. I'll tell you — without evidence — what it was: his 
attention was called to a number of examples which violate the rules in 
TKD in a way that English speakers would find natural because of rules 
of English, so he backfit an explanation.

I was the one who coined the name "prefix trick," you know, and I did so 

> Meanwhile, English doesn't allow us to say "My family travel," and  
> know that I'm counting myself as part of my family. Someone would  
> want to correct me and say, "My family travels." Make it third  
> person, not first.

Some dialects of English might allow "My family travel." I pointed out 
earlier that British English, for example, often treats singular nouns 
that refer to groups as if they were plural.

> Do  we know that doesn't happen in Klingon? No. Do we know it does  
> happen in Klingon? No.

But we DO know that it apparently violates rules set out in TKD. Given 
that at least, I'd stick to the book.

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