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Re: KLBC-First part of translation from Qov's sentences

At 14:02 02-11-04 -0800, you wrote:

> > At 09:49 02-11-04 -0800, lab Gina:
> >
> > >thlIngan Hol jatlhlaHbe'chu' Gina vIqIHDI'
> >
> > majQa'. qaqIHDI' tlhIngan Hol DajatlhlaHbe'chu', 'a DaH DajatlhlaH 'ej
> > ghojmeH bIvumqu'!
> >
> > mu'tlheghwIj Dayaj'a'?
> >
> >
>Is it
>well done. (I've seen majQa' enough, didn't have to look that one up.)
>When I met you for the first time you could not speak Klingon perfectly,
>however, now with work you can learn and speak?
>(This i'm not sure about, but i know its something along these lines.)

Be careful with the distinction between
jatlhlaHbe'chu' - could not speak at all
jatlhlaHchu'be' - could not speak perfectly

Do you see the difference?  In the first one, -be' negates the -laH, making 
"can't speak" then the -chu' qualifies the not able to speak, making it 
"completely" or "utterly."  In the second one, the -be' negates the -chu'. 
Important difference.

The next part (don't guess quite so much at the grammar to fill in when you 
don't understand) starts with 'a DaH DajatlhlaH.  Translate that by itself.
You know what 'ej means.
Then translate bIghojmeH  (hmm, I should have put a prefix on it the first 
time.  I originally wrote it in the third person, then switched to second 
person, and missed that prefix in the editing).
Then translate bIvumqu'.

Then put it together, without adding any grammar.

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