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Re: KLBC-First part of translation from Qov's sentences

The 3 type 6 suffixes are -chu' clearly, perfectly
-bej certainly, undoubtedly
and 'law' seemingly, apparently

I may be sissing something, or perhaps at all can be something else, but I
don't see at all.

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Sent: Friday, November 01, 2002 9:54 PM
Subject: Re: KLBC-First part of translation from Qov's sentences

> At 16:19 02-11-01 -0800, you wrote:
> >I'm actually pretty confused because there is more than one verb and i'm
> >not sure what is supposed to go where, but here is my first try on it.
> > > When I first met Gina she could not speak Klingon at all.
> >I couldn't fine could not anywhere in TKD so I changed it to was not, if
> >there is info on the word could, please tell me what section to look
> >in.  I've read almost all of TKD but could easily have missed it.
> >
> >Klingon was not able to be spoken by Gina at all when she was first met
by me.
> >
> >thlIngan jatlhlaHbe' Gina {at all} wa'DIch muqIHDI'
> >
> >Don't give me a full translation, just information on what's wrong and
> >why, I want to translate it myself... eventually.
> You are on the right track.  Here are my hints.
> Look at type six verb suffixes for "at all."
> Check the actual definition of qIH.
> Reconsider your verb prefix.
> See if section 6.2.2 answers your question about what to do when there is
> more than one verb.
> Remember that tlhIngan is a Klingon person.

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