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Re: adverbials (was: chuvmey ("leftovers"))

>ja' Stephan Schneider <>:
>>HIja'. ghIq pab chut mu'mey wIchenmoHnIS maH. qar'a'? wa' mu' 'oH
>>/DevwI'/ mu''e'.
>>(jes. so we have to create grammar terminology. right? for example, 
>Making up grammar terminology is arguably okay among people who already
>speak Klingon well.  It's a very dangerous thing to do in the presence of
>beginning students of the language.  And I'm firmly convinced that it's a
>Bad Thing for the beginners themselves to do.

i'm firmly convinced that it's a good thing to make up grammar 
terminology on your own. it's challenging, and it's a good training 
to grasp the grammar. the main thing is that we keep on understanding 
each other, and that we know where the standard definitions are (TKD).

>(Apparently, it's also dangerous to have side discussions about English
>grammar terms, even when they are accompanied by disclaimers stating that
>they have no bearing on Klingon grammar.)

"dangerous" is a dangerous word. it's problematic, complicated, 
difficult and challenging, but it's not dangerous.

>-- ghunchu'wI'


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