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Re: chuvmey ("leftovers")

SuStel wrote:
>(Minor note: as far as we know, /chuv/ is a verb meaning "be left over."
>There is no known noun /chuv/, but there is a noun /chuvmey/ "leftovers.")

chuv  be left over (v.)

"By the end of the meal, all of the ordered food should be gone (except, 
for, of course, whatever may have been spilled, dropped, or thrown). {Soj 
chuv} ("leftover food") is rare unless all members of a dining party were 
called away midmeal." (KGT:102)

chuvmey  leftovers (n.)

"If, for some reason, the {qagh} cannot be consumed before they all die, 
the entire mixture of {qagh} and {ghevI'} is saved and later heated up as a 
sort of stew (the general term for which is {tlhIq}; thus, {qagh tlhIq} may 
be translated as "{qagh} stew"). Although not as desirable as live {qagh}, 
this is a common way to serve leftovers." (KGT:87)

I wonder if the singular form {chuv} "a leftover" is actually used in 
Klingon?  AFAIK it isn't in (American) English.  I have heard used as 
Okrand did, as an adjective (or is it a participle in English?): {Soj chuv} 
"leftover food", {tlhIq chuv} "leftover stew".

If the singular is used in Klingon, it may be as grammatical argot or 
jargon - {tlhach mu'mey} in Klingon - only: e.g. a leftover {chuv}, a noun 
{DIp}, a verb {wot}, etc.

I wish Maltz had given us more information on how to discuss grammar in 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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