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Re: Fwd: Klingon

>ch -> C, gh -> G, ng -> F, tlh -> X

yesterday i thought about a very similar surrogation.

ch -> c
D -> d
ng -> f
gh -> g
' -> h
I -> i
Q -> k (well, or q -> k)
S -> s
H -> x
tlh -> z

well, but that's no miracle, in english there aren't that many characters. :)

>Because this mapping is typically used with all uppercase (or all
>lowercase) letters, q -> K.  The apostrophe is often problematical for
>certain applications, so I also add the substitution ' -> Z.
>I think it works well for rendering Klingon using Braille (grade 1),
>fingerspelling, semaphore, and Morse code. :-)



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