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Re: chuvmey ("leftovers")

Am 23.07.2002 22:51:30, schrieb Steven Boozer <>:

>chuvmey  leftovers (n.)
>"If, for some reason, the {qagh} cannot be consumed before they all die, 
>this is a common way to serve leftovers." (KGT:87)
This is very interesting, but it's about leftovers, not about {chuvmey}.

>Klingon?  AFAIK it isn't in (American) English.  
My english-german dictioanry says:
  "leftover I adj. ... II noun ..."
nothing about plural or singular.

>Okrand did, as an adjective (or is it a participle in English?): {Soj chuv} 
I read this like an adjective (a {wot}) "food (be) leftover"
Just lika any other adj./wot: Soj bIr "food (be) cold"

>If the singular is used in Klingon, it may be as grammatical argot or 
>jargon - {tlhach mu'mey} in Klingon - only: e.g. a leftover {chuv}, a noun 
>{DIp}, a verb {wot}, etc.

>I wish Maltz had given us more information on how to discuss grammar in 
Maybe Klingons just *don't* discuss grammar, just as they didn't care for medecine and anatomy for a 
long time. It's enough to distinguish between verbs and nouns and affixes, but I think a klingon would 
not waste his time to seperate all the "other words", the word that are "left over".
wotmey DIpmey je DaqIlDI' chuv 'op mu'mey. vaj chuvwI'mey bIH ponglu'.


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