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Re: naDev

From: "Stephan Schneider" <>
> >qon SuStel:
> >  >/naDev/ is a noun.  It is not an adverbial.
> as i already asked to DloraH: can /naDev/ be a locative header?
> (i don't mean what's written in TKD in order to make us believe that
> klingon is a pseudo-natural languages that has ruleless exeptions
> that we have to learn, period.)

naDev Dochvetlh yIqem.
Bring that thing here.

In this sentence, /naDev/ is a locative "header."  ("Header" is the term I
choose to use to refer to any adverbial or noun [phrase] that is not a
subject or object.)  Its part of speech is "noun."  Not "adverbial," not

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