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Re: Saj von Suq Qa'Hom cha'DIch'e'

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From: "David Trimboli" <>
> Oh, that's why I didn't get it.  The word for "food" is /Soj/.  /Saj/ is
> "pet (n)."  I thought you were trying (badly) to refer to the trap itself
> a "pet trap."

LoL... Oh how foolish I feel now... Saying that I think my mother would like
one of those whenever she visits me.

> Note that to use an adjectivally acting verb, it must be a verb of
> /von/ is "entrap," not "be entrapped."  It cannot be used to modify a noun
> in this way.

Thankyou I have since checked myself on this and changed it to (although not
till now with correct spelling for food) but here we go:

ghargh Suqjaj vem'eq 'eq 'ach vonwI' Soj Suq Qa'Hom cha'DIch

> Meanwhile, this saying is so tied up in non-Klingon things and
> sayings that translating it makes it lose its meaning.

Are you saying that you don't believe a Klingon would have such things as
traps... Not even for a tribble?

>No wonder you were having
> problems.  If you spoke to a Klingon about a second Qa'Hom
> acquiring trapped food (even in the sense that you mean),
> he'd scratch his head  and grunt with incomprehension at you.
> You've lost the idiomatic context.

I know it would not be honourable of the 2nd mouse to wait but the meaning
applies just as well to 2nd one that just happens to come along.

But I'm sorry to say I'm on Terran at the moment talking to at least a few
Terrans... I was using a joke as an excercise to see if I could get it
across...  Maybe if I'd not made the typo's and thought about a bit more?
But I think I've spent too much of my time thinking about my studies and not
trying to put them into practice...

> SuStel


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