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Re: Saj von Suq Qa'Hom cha'DIch'e'

From: <[email protected]>
> From: "David Trimboli" <[email protected]>
> > /Saj von/ = "cheese"?  I don't think so . . . .
> Please give me a little break here ;-)
> Therefore I thought I'd be safe with [Food - Saj] and
> use the verb for [trap,entrap - von] adjectively to get [Saj von]...

Oh, that's why I didn't get it.  The word for "food" is /Soj/.  /Saj/ is
"pet (n)."  I thought you were trying (badly) to refer to the trap itself as
a "pet trap."

Note that to use an adjectivally acting verb, it must be a verb of quality.
/von/ is "entrap," not "be entrapped."  It cannot be used to modify a noun
in this way.

If you want to say "trapped food," say /Soj vonlu'pu'bogh/.  However, given
the meaning and usage of /von/, I think this would mean that the food cannot

Meanwhile, this saying is so tied up in non-Klingon things and sayings that
translating it makes it lose its meaning.  No wonder you were having
problems.  If you spoke to a Klingon about a second Qa'Hom acquiring trapped
food (even in the sense that you mean), he'd scratch his head and grunt with
incomprehension at you.  You've lost the idiomatic context.

Stardate 2036.9

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