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Re: Saj von Suq Qa'Hom cha'DIch'e'

--- "" <> wrote:
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "David Trimboli" <>
> > Oh, that's why I didn't get it.  The word for
> "food" is /Soj/.  /Saj/ is
> > "pet (n)."  I thought you were trying (badly) to
> refer to the trap itself
> as
> > a "pet trap."
> LoL... Oh how foolish I feel now... Saying that I
> think my mother would like
> one of those whenever she visits me.
> > Note that to use an adjectivally acting verb, it
> must be a verb of
> quality.
> > /von/ is "entrap," not "be entrapped."  It cannot
> be used to modify a noun
> > in this way.
> Thank you I have since checked myself on this and
> changed it to (although not
> till now with correct spelling for food) but here we
> go:
> ghargh Suqjaj vem'eq 'eq 'ach vonwI' Soj Suq Qa'Hom
> cha'DIch
> >
> > Meanwhile, this saying is so tied up in
> non-Klingon things and
> > sayings that translating it makes it lose its
> meaning.
> Are you saying that you don't believe a Klingon
> would have such things as
> traps... Not even for a tribble?
> >No wonder you were having
> > problems.  If you spoke to a Klingon about a
> second Qa'Hom
> > acquiring trapped food (even in the sense that you
> mean),
> > he'd scratch his head  and grunt with
> incomprehension at you.
> > You've lost the idiomatic context.
> I know it would not be honorable of the 2nd mouse
> to wait but the meaning
> applies just as well to 2nd one that just happens to
> come along.
> But I'm sorry to say I'm on Terran at the moment
> talking to at least a few
> Terrans... I was using a joke as an exercise to see
> if I could get it
> across...  Maybe if I'd not made the typo's and
> thought about a bit more?
> But I think I've spent too much of my time thinking
> about my studies and not
> trying to put them into practice...
> > SuStel
> qe'San
Okay this may sound stupid, but I tried to find this
on my own.  I am trying to understand what you guys
are sayin with my Klingon Dictionary, & yet at times
you guys are not making sense.  & on top of that I am
unable to find some words in the dictionary.  Help...

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