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Re: Aw: Re: adverbials

tulwI' jang DloraH:

(btw: is "jang" transitive or do i have to say /tulwI'vaD jang 
DloraH/ or something like that?)

>  > this thread, however, becomes more and more stressing and
>>  hairsplitting, and i regret that.
>qatlh Dapay?
>wej  Hegh vay'.
>'ej SovchoHlu'.
>Why do you regret it?
>Nobody has died yet.
>And knowledge is gained.

SovchoHlu''a'? Sabojlaw' 'ej reH vIQumlaHbe', pab'e' wIjatlhtaHvIS.

is it? it seems to me as if i bore you and that i always fail to find 
the right words to communicate with you all, when we talk about 


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