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Re: Aw: Re: adverbials

Andrew jang Marc:

>Von:     Andrew Strader <>
>>  I know that it seems this way at first, but there is more to the matter than
>>  that. The main problem is that -mo' is a fundamentally different kind of
>>  suffix than -mey. -mo' and its kin are really better thought of as phrase
>>  suffixes, rather than noun suffixes. (See TKD 4.4).
>ah, I have to take it back then. there is a substantial difference
>between -mey and -mo'.
>>  The bottom line is that a phrase like "rammo'" modifies the core OVS
>>  sentence
>>  as a whole. That is, it's acting in an adverbial sense. And it just so
>>  happens that adverbials occur in the "head" (or "header" if you like)
>>  position of the sentence.
>of course. whether you see rammo' as a noun with a suffix or as
>something else (a phrase, maybe?) doesn't change this.
>I still prefer to see it as a noun (with a suffix)

_you_ can see it this way, but the grammar implemented in your brain, 
can't. i'm sure that when you see /ram/ that is "wrapped" by a 
/-mo'/, your brain doesn't need to know that /rammo'/ has a noun in 
it. in order to build a sentence, you have to descrbe /rammo'/ 
differently than "a noun with a suffix". it's "a noun with a suffix 
that turns a noun in to a xxx, so it's a xxx". what's xxx?


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