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Re: KLBC: DIp-mojaq5 + DIp

lab 'ISqu'

>mub'a' DIpmeyvam?
>     ?SoHvaD nob
>      [a gift for you]
>     ?bIQtIqDaq Hegh
>      [death on the river]
>     ?ghe''orvo' leng
>     [a journey from hell]
>Hat 'e' vIHar 'ach meq vIngu'laHbe'. HIboQ!

mu'tlhegh 'ay'mey bIH.  DIpmey bIHbe'.

SoHvaD nob vIje'lI'.  - mub
"I'm buying a gift for you."

*raSvo' pum SoHvaD nob. - Hat
"A gift for you fell off the table."

raSvo' pum noblIj.

bIQtIqDaq Hegh SIQ Hoq - mub
"The expedition experienced death on the river."

*SoSwI' ghIj bIQtIqDaq Hegh - Hat
"Death on the river frightened my mother."

bIQtIqDaq SoSwI' ghIj Hegh - mub
"Death frightened my mother on the river"
"On the river, death frightened my mother."

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