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Re: long sentence (was Re: pu'jIn)

Lieven Litaer ( [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

ja' SuStel:
> So how well do you handle long strings of genitive nouns in Klingon?

I don't know, I've never tried or counted that...

jIjatlhtaHvIS DIp tlha'wI'mey vIlo'be' 'e' vInID.

Qatlhbe'bej tlhIngan Duj HoD targh pong. 'ach tInchoHDI' mu'tlhegh, vaj chaq QatlhchoH wanI'.
munuQbej tlhIngan wo' Duj HoD be'nI' targh Soj pong, 'ach munuQ je "the name of the food of the klingon empire's ship's Captains' sister's dog" - isn't it?

There's still a difference between saying it an writing it down...


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