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long sentence (was Re: pu'jIn)

Lieven Litaer ( [KLI Member] [Hol ghojwI']

ja# ghunchu'wI':
> It was probably ten or twelve years ago when a few of us tried to  
> quantify our mental "stack size" for parsing nested relative  
> clauses.

For my qepHom, I made a long sentence to show exactly this phenomena. n german too we have long sentences without any problem, but if you want to speak, or even learn Klingon, you should start with short sentences.

Don't try this at home:

tera' Holmey DIjatlhtaHvIS maH qechmey'e' law'qu' wavmeH 'ej muvqu'meH DoDmey lo'taHbogh mu'tlheghHommey latlh Dochmey chelqu' neHbogh mu'tlheghHommey je 'ach tIqqu'be'law'bogh 'ej Qatlhbe'law'bogh, Hoch qechmey qawlaHbe'bogh vay' - toghbejchugh ghaH - ngaSbogh mu'tlheghna'vam rurbogh mu'tlheghmey'e' tIqqu' wIchenmoH vaj tlhoy tIqmo' bIH tlhaQqu'choHbejtaH tlhIngan HolvaD mughchu'meH Qu'. 

PS: mistakes are possible, but should not be there ;-)


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