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RE: How {wanI'} gets used

Steven Boozer (

Christopher Doty:
>>>(Sidenote: is this how wanI' gets used? I've seen it here and in
>>>Gilgamesh, but it doesn't make sense with the phenomenon translation.)

>> {wanI'} "phenomenon, event, occurrence" in canon:

>Cheers, thanks!  I was using the iPhone app, which only gives
>"phenomenon" as a translation for wanI'; event/occurrence makes 
>much more sense :)

I take it the iPhone app only gives one word translations - apparently the first word in the TKD/KGT glossary entry?  I'll have to keep that in mind when doing a "canon sweep" for people.  

BTW please don't hesitate to ask for examples of how words and affixes have been used in canon -- either on or off-list.  Keep in mind that many words have never been used in a sentence or explained by Okrand and so we're still unsure about how some of these work in practice.  (E.g. Can a particular verb take an object?  If so, is the object a person or thing?  etc.)

I don't mind and, as you've seen, it can start some interesting threads. 

Canon Master of the Klingons

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