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Re: Once more into the ship in which I fled

David Trimboli ( [KLI Member] [Hol po'wI']

Steven Boozer wrote:
> SuStel:
>>>>> He couldn't make the head noun of a relative clause be
>>>>> anything other than the subject or object *of the relative
>>>>> clause*, not of the main sentence.
> te'reS:
>>>> Now this I can agree wholeheartedly with. But is it then
>>>> possible that the head noun can be either the subject, object,
>>>> or _any Type-5 suffixed noun_ to the main verb?
> Voragh:
>>> For reference, here are all the canon examples I know of with
>>> both {-bogh} and {-Daq}:
> SuStel:
>> I have pared the list down to those which apply to the current 
>> discussion.
>>> meQtaHbogh qachDaq Suv qoH neH Only a fool fights in a burning
>>> house. (TKW)
>> meQtaHbogh qachDaq Suv fight in a building which is burning
>>> loS... qIb HeHDaq, 'u' SepmeyDaq Sovbe'lu'bogh lenglu'meH He 
>>> ghoSlu'bogh retlhDaq 'oHtaH It waits... on the edge of the
>>> galaxy, beside a passage to unknown regions of the universe.
>>> (SkyBox S99)
>> SepmeyDaq Sovbe'lu'bogh lenglu'meH He way for one to travel to
>> regions which one does not know
>> I don't have my sources with me, but I am curious to know whether 
>> any of the other Type 5 noun suffixes show up this way.

Once again I remove those which do not show Type 5 noun suffixes on the 
head noun of the relative clause.

> butlh ghajbogh nuv'e' yIHo' Admire the person with dirt under his
> fingernails. TKW
> tajwIj 'oHbe' chorlIj jeqbogh Dochvetlh'e' That is not my dagger
> protruding from your midsection. FTG
> yIntaHvIS qeylIS'e' lIjlaHbe'bogh vay' batlh 'etlhvam chenmoHlu'pu' 
> this sword of honor descends from the time of Kahless the
> Unforgettable. S8
> qorDu'Daj tuq 'oS Ha'quj'e' tuQbogh wo'rIv The sash that Worf wears
> is a symbol of his family's house. S20

The next one is only kind of an example:

> choH lISbogh Hap'e': cha'pujqut Reaction Moderating Element -
> Crystalline Dilithium. KBoP

I say "only kind of" because the head noun does not play any role in a 
sentence: it is an isolated noun phrase. It is not subject, object, or 
anything else.

> yejquv DevwI' moj ghawran 'e' wuqta' cho' 'oDwI' Dapu'bogh janluq
> pIqarD HoD. Gowron... named leader of the High Council by Captain
> Jean-Luc Picard, who was acting as Arbiter of Succession. S25

There are no Type 5 noun suffixes in this sentence at all. It's 
otherwise interesting because of the supposedly illegal Type 7 suffix on 
a verb using /'e'/ as its object.

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