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Re: 'oQqar pe'pu'bogh; naQHommey rur ghIq mIQpu'

seruq (

> >>> I had played with 'oQqar naQ(Hom) but thought that could infer 
> >>> stick like roots with no cutting. 
> >> {N1 N2} is a genitive construction. It may mean possession, or it 
> >> may mean that N1 is a sub-type of N2. (What type of {Hol}? 
> >> {tlhIngan Hol}.) {'oQqar naQHom} could mean "the root's stick" or 
> >> it could mean "root-stick." The correct meaning must come from 
> >> context. 
> > 
> > Thank you I had not known of the sub type for general use apart from 
> > where MO had used it. Because I'd thought I wasn't allowed to make 
> > that assumption I would only use my own N-N construction if I could 
> > stick with N2 of N1 or N1's N2. With regard to tlhIngan Hol, I'd 
> > always seen it as Klingon's Language, Language of Klingon. Aside from 
> > this thread that is useful to know. 
> There are examples from Marc Okrand that make this very clear. The one I 
> always remember is {baS 'In} "metal percussion instrument" from KGT. 
> Both {baS} "metal" and {'In} "percussion instrument" are nouns, and the 
> phrase certainly does not mean "the metal's drum." 

Whether it is "possession" or "subtype", or whatever else, the universal formula I use is "of all the n2, the one that has to do with n1."

tlhIngan Hol - of all the languages, the one that has to do with klingon.

'oQqar naQ(Hom) - of all the sticks, the kind that have to do with this type of root.

baS 'In - of all the drums, the type that has to do metal.

qor HoD - of all the captains, the one named qor.

puq paq - of all the books, the one that has to do with the child. (The child's book)


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