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Re: Alternatives to Code2000 PUA Klingon Font

ghunchu'wI' (

On Jul 19, 2009, at 9:29 AM, Mark J. Reed wrote:

> What did you base the shapes of the glyphs on?

See /tlhIngan-Hol/2009/June/msg00420.html for the  
first post in this thread.

qa'vaj ( writes:
> pIqaD HaSta:  This is the only one I actually use.  Based on the  
> glyphs on
> the Skybox cards, where the trick was to come up with glyphs for  
> all of the
> missing letters while trying to keep the look and feel of the few  
> glyphs
> that are present.

Those "few glyphs" are the characters drawn by Bitstream and included  
in their "Star Trek Pi" font.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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