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Alternatives to Code2000 PUA Klingon Font

qa'vaj (

Given the orthography discussion here, I'm posting a set of ttf's that have
alternative typefaces to the KLI pIqaD mapped into the PUA codepoints
according to the conscript registry at  As you'll see, I'm no
artist or typographer, but if anyone wants to play around here they are
(zipped file containing three fonts):

brief description:

pIqaD HaSta:  This is the only one I actually use.  Based on the glyphs on
the Skybox cards, where the trick was to come up with glyphs for all of the
missing letters while trying to keep the look and feel of the few glyphs
that are present.

pIqaD Klinz: Inspired by the Mandel font in Lawrence's orthography paper.

pIqaD fusion: Whimsical interpretation of the KLI pIqaD just for fun. (I
said just for fun!).

Each of them also has an extra-wide space mapped to the ASCII space code.

I originally did this in order to replace the Code2000 font (space was too
narrow, and the typeface was a little too 'alchemic' for my personal
taste).  Since I had a mind that I might share it (now them), I didn't want
to duplicate Lawrence's KLI typeface.  I did them a few years back and no
longer have any of the font tools installed.  Feel free to use them in any
way you like.  If someone with actual skill wants to improve them, please
do. (yes - I'll forgo the $millions to be had in Klingon typography).

qo'lIj DachenmoHtaH

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