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Re: tuQ (was: HoD tlhaq Duy'choHmoH 'Iv)

> > > > tlhaqDaj tuQmoH
> > > cause to wear?
> >
> > I agree it sounds weird, but that's how it's glossed in TKD.
> >
> > tuQmoH  -  put on (clothes) (v)
> I think it's supposed to work as follows:
> tuQHa'moH
> undress (someone)
> tuQmoH
> dress (someone) ("cause someone to wear")

But the glosses in TKD do not include "(someone)".

> 'avwI' vul tuQHa'moH qama'.
> The prisoner undresses the unconscious guard.

I agree that this is a more logical usage, if he hadn't given us any suffixed 

qogh vItuQmoHHa'pu'
I've taken off my belt.
(slang for "Your secret's safe with me.")

Except for the typo of the placement of -Ha', MO used this as he has it 
glossed.  The subject is not undressing another person; there is no -'egh 
either.  The object is the clothing he is taking off of himself.


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