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as for my rank, I am a lt. cmdr. and it is a federation rank, to be exact it is a federation rank because i serve within a federation taskforce.  for more abou that you can find at which is the fleet that my simm is affiliated with, or at my site.  For some reason I feel slight hostility, as if certain people regard such kind of activity simmiliar to that of  a ferengi trading...
 Quvar valer wrote:Am 10.09.2002 22:53:27, schrieb "DloraH" :

>> I just uploaded a new updated version of my site, i would like to 

>tlhIngan Hol lo'be' QInvam, 
>tlhIngan Hol lo'be' Daqvetlh,

I found a little thing in tlhIngan! :-)

it's on the first page, it is signed with {Ta'pez soghla'}

First, there is a typo, S is always capitalized: {Soghla'}
this seems to mean "lieutenant commander", but that's a federation rank.
In Klingon, you can either be

- Sogh "lieutenant"
- la' "commander" (above lt. & below cpt.)
(and others of course)


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