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RE: HoD tlhaq Duy'choHmoH 'Iv

mujang DloraH:
> jol is defined as "beam (aboard)", but because "aboard" is in ( ) I think
> that MO put "aboard" in there just so people don't think of other beams;
> beam of light, laser beam, shine, gleam, smile.  I don't think it's only in
> the direction of going to the ship.
> But we do have Qol "beam away".
qatlho'. {Qol} vIlo'. 

> jaHHa'be'?  Does this mean he didn't get lost?
I was looking for something like "stagger", "stumble"

> nuqDaq tlhaq?  tlhaq tuQ'a' HoD?  pa'DajDaq ratlh'a'?
> leQ DIngmoHlu' 'e' poQ'a' tlhaq, pagh, rIHwI' ghaj tlhaq?
> Hov'a' tlhaq 'oH'a' tlhaq, 'ej DaH qaSchoH'a' choS?
> DloraH, BG
tlhaq tuQ HoD.

(I also added a line at the end...)

HoD tlhaq Duy'choHmoH 'Iv

leSpoH tIv HoD
tlhaqDaj tuQmoH
Duy'be' tlhaqDaj
Dujvo' ghorDaq Qollu'
nIteb ghorDaq yIt
HuDDaq toS
pagh ghom
lucholbe' Ha'DIbaH
jot muD Dotlh
jaHHa'be' HoD
HuDvo' toSHa'
Duy'choH tlhaqDaj
HoD tlhaq Duy'choHmoH 'Iv

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