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Re: tuQ (was: HoD tlhaq Duy'choHmoH 'Iv)

ja' DloraH:

>qogh vItuQmoHHa'pu'
>I've taken off my belt.
>(slang for "Your secret's safe with me.")
>Except for the typo of the placement of -Ha', MO used this as he has it
>glossed.  The subject is not undressing another person; there is no -'egh
>either.  The object is the clothing he is taking off of himself.

Hey!  If the odd {-Ha'} isn't an error, that's a good indication that
{tuQmoH} is a 'root' verb with some similarity to {lo'laH}.

{lo'} "use"
{lo'laH} "be valuable" -- or "can _be_ used"

{tuQ} "wear"
{tuQmoH} "put on" -- or "cause to _be_ worn"

Now that I've been reminded of the {qogh vItuQmoHHa'pu'} idiom, I'm going
to stop trying to use {tuQmoH} as support for my pet theory about how
{-moH} works in general (with both transitive and intransitive verbs), and
I'm going to treat {tuQmoH} as a wart.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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