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Re: Learning Project (hopefully)

 are these correct?
> Here are some more like those first ones, so you can check if you 
> understand these now, and try for 100%.
> The child steals chocolate.
Object child
Verb steals
Subject chocolate, because that is what is being stolen
puq nIH yuch.

> The grandmother sabotages the engine.
object grandmother
verb sabotage
subject engine
SoSnI' Sorgh jonta'.

> A student reads.
ghojwI' laD.

> The scientist wants a knife.
tej neH taj.

> The Romulan sees the Vulcan.
romuluSngan legh vulqangan

> The Ferengi dislikes the Romulan.
verengan par romuluSngan

> The mother walks.
SoS yIt 

> And try translating these into English:
> Hegh Sa'  
The general is dead
> De' lIj ghojwI'   
Information was forgotten by the student. <<not sure this one is right >>
> SoS qaw puq 
The mother remembers the child.

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