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RE: Learning Project (hopefully)

Gina, you still seem to be having some difficulty keeping the language
terms straight.  There's no better way to learn about your own language
than to study another one.  However, I'm going to try a different
approach to see if I can help you out a little more, here, at the
beginning.  For the moment, forget about subjects and objects.  I think
voragh has given you something a little easier to use.  I haven't tried
this with anyone before, so if this doesn't help, just ignore it.  But
it's always worth trying a different approach.

From: Steven Boozer [] 
>Mastering Klingon OVS word order is the crucial first step.  Until it
>becomes automatic, you'll always be confused since you won't know who
>doing what to whom!

Let's rearrange it to make it even more useful.

WHOM is WHATed by WHO?

Now, when you are writing a sentence, ask your self this question.

The woman sees the man.
WHOM is WHATed by WHO?
The MAN is SEEN by the WOMAN
    loD    legh        be'

When there is only one noun (The MAN runs) you can drop that first WHOM.

The man runs.
WHAT is done by WHO?
RUNning is done by the MAN
qet                    loD

Try reviewing your translations of Qov's sentences using this and let me
know if it helps.


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