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RE: help with "Floreat Majestas"


I should have picked up that pab was a verb and not a noun. Ha' was a
verbal suffix.  

> 2.
> bIpabHa'Di'	-->	you grammar undo when    
> 			--> When you undo grammar

<<pab>> as a verb means "to follow (rules)".  Presumably, especially in
this context, grammar rules.  The -Ha' suffix, even though it is
to in some places as "undo", really seldom means "undo".  It is usually
more accurately translated as "mis-" or "dis-".  It really has two
meanings:  1) complete diametric negation; that is to do the opposite of
what the verb would normally mean, and 2) to do the verb wrongly or
Some for-instances:

	jatlh		"speak"
	jatlhHa'	"misspeak", "say the wrong thing"

	yaj		"understand"
	yajHa'		"misunderstand"

	nob		"give"
	nobHa'		"ungive", "give back"

	bel		"be pleased"
	belHa'		"be displeased"

Sometimes Klingon and English reverse which is the "normal" word and
which one requires the extra element:

	par		"dislike"
	parHa'		"like"


I also see you sign your name with both Krankor and Qanqor, do you do
that depending if you put English into your message or tlhIngan

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