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Re: help with "Floreat Majestas"

> > 1.
> > What is marqos, is it someones name? or ma for we and rqos which I can't
> > find.
> Yes, marqoS is his name.
Thinking of "ma-" + "rqoS" was good analysis, though.  

It helps to know what is and is not a legal syllable in Klingon.
We would have a hard time saying "rqoS", but more to the point,
consonant clusters - even ones which are perfectly legal in English
- can't start a syllable in Klingon.  If a syllable starts with a
consonant, the next sound has to be a vowel, not another consonant.
(Remember that "ch", "gh", and "tlh" each represent a single
consonant even though we use more than one letter to write them down).
Once you know that, then you can reject things like "rqoS" right away
without having to look them up first.

> > QaghHommey	-->	serpent worm (food) {diminutive} {plural}  
> > 			--> Eatable small serpent worms
> Careful with your casing.  <<Qagh>> is an error, mistake.  <<qagh>>
> is the serpent worm dish.
And -Hom isn't quite the same as "small" - to say "small mistake" we would
use the adjective "mach".  "QaghHom" is more like "mistakelet".


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