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Re: help with "Floreat Majestas"

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From: "Captain Krankor" <>

> It really has twomeanings:
> 1) complete diametric negation; that is to do the opposite of
> what the verb would normally mean, and
> 2) to do the verb wrongly or badly.
> Some for-instances:

> nob "give"
> nobHa' "ungive", "give back"
I might be missing something here so forgive me for asking but wouldn't
[nobHa'],  be "take", "take back" as well as "ungive" rather than "give

If it could mean "give back" how would the following work (assuming it's
correct anyway):

taj nob SuvwI' vaj  taj nobHa' SuvwI'

Can I give to an inanimate object?
e.g. "I give money to the Collection"

> --Krankor


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