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RE: help with "Floreat Majestas"

 }> > 1.
 }> > What is marqos, is it someones name? or ma for we and rqos which I
 }> > can't find.
 }> Yes, marqoS is his name.
 }Thinking of "ma-" + "rqoS" was good analysis, though.
 }It helps to know what is and is not a legal syllable in Klingon.
 }We would have a hard time saying "rqoS", but more to the point,
 }consonant clusters - even ones which are perfectly legal in English
 }- can't start a syllable in Klingon.  If a syllable starts with a
 }consonant, the next sound has to be a vowel, not another consonant.
 }(Remember that "ch", "gh", and "tlh" each represent a single
 }consonant even though we use more than one letter to write them down).
 }Once you know that, then you can reject things like "rqoS" right away
 }without having to look them up first.

Ahh thanks.

 }> > QaghHommey	-->	serpent worm (food) {diminutive}
 }> > 			--> Eatable small serpent worms
 }> Careful with your casing.  <<Qagh>> is an error, mistake.  <<qagh>>
 }> is the serpent worm dish.
 }And -Hom isn't quite the same as "small" - to say "small mistake" we
 }use the adjective "mach".  "QaghHom" is more like "mistakelet".
So QaghHommey  -->  less mistakes ?


Peter Louvel

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