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RE: QoghIj 'Iw nIjmoHHey SIQpu' quchoywI'

> Subject: QoghIj 'Iw nIjmoHHey SIQpu' quchoywI'

nIj is a verb.  It looks like you're tying to use it as a verb; and you're
using both verb and noun suffixes on it.

quch is "kidnap".  You want qoch "partner".

> cha'maH wa' Hu'  QoghIj 'Iw nIjmoHHey SIQpu' quchoywI'
> Three weeks ago My wife suffered a possible stroke.

cha'maH wa' Hu'  does work; we also have the word  ret "time period ago".
wej Hogh ret  ...
Both work.

Even tho half of my ancestors on both sides have died from stroke, I don't
know the actual medical occurence.  I sure someone else could comment on
describing a stroke before I could look it up on the net.

> 'e' vIQuchHa'qu'moH
> This caused me to be unhappy.

vI- is [I-it].  "I caused it, the previous sentence, to be very unhappy."
Remember Object-Verb-Subject.  But before you flip this around, 'e' can only
be the object.  You can try words like wanI' or ghu'.
muQuchHa'qu'moH wanI'.
Or you could just simply say, jI'IQ.

> wejmaH Soch ben ghaH neH je
> She's only 37

You have no verb in this sentence.  bogh "born"
wejmaH Soch ben bogh.

> bong jIchaw''eghpu'. ghot QeH vIDa jIH
> I unintentionally allowed my self to get aggravated

jIQeHchoH.  "I became angry."
If you want to keep the longer description,
jIQeHchoH  bong 'e' vIchaw'.  "I accidentally permitted that I became

jISeH'eghbe'.  jIQeHchoH.  "I did not control myself.  I became angry."

jIQeHchoH  'e' vIbotlaHbe'.  "I was not able to prevent that I became

> Do' pIvchoH ghaH
> She has begun to get a little better


> vay' vImawchugh quvwIj vIchermeH tIqwIj vI'ang
> If I have offended anyone
> I show you my heart  In order to re-establish my honour .

The klingon doesn't imply the [re-] on re-establish.  It is just "
order to establish my honor"; which I think still works.  You could add the
suffix -qa', vIcherqa'meH.

> PS despite the subject matter I would appreciate constructive comment
> on HolwI'

-wI' is used in reference to beings capable of using language.  A language
itself doesn't speak, so we would use -wIj.

You are doing good.

DloraH, BG

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