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RE: QoghIj 'Iw nIjmoHHey SIQpu' quchoywI'

>> cha'maH wa' Hu'  QoghIj 'Iw nIjmoHHey SIQpu' quchoywI'
>> Three weeks ago My wife suffered a possible stroke.
>cha'maH wa' Hu'  does work; we also have the word  ret "time
>period ago". wej Hogh ret  ... Both work.
>Even tho half of my ancestors on both sides have died from
>stroke, I don't know the actual medical occurence.  I sure
>someone else could comment on describing a stroke before I
>could look it up on the net.

The word stroke refers to the fact that part of the brain doesn't
function properly or perhaps at all after either a complete blockage of
the blood supply to the area or "leakage" of the blood from the artery
into the brain.  There are actually a few different causes of strokes,
but the word stroke makes no delineation and seems to refer instead to
the symptoms - the malfunction of the brain.  I would chose to describe
the same way in Klingon.  Saying that "she has leaking brain blood"
doesn't seem to hold the same descriptive power as saying that "part of
her brain is malfunctioning."

Wej Hogh ret QapHa'choHlI' qochoywI' QoghIj 'ay'


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