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QoghIj 'Iw nIjmoHHey SIQpu' quchoywI'

cha'maH wa' Hu'  QoghIj 'Iw nIjmoHHey SIQpu' quchoywI'
'e' vIQuchHa'qu'moH
wejmaH Soch ben ghaH neH je

bong jIchaw''eghpu'. ghot QeH vIDa jIH

Do' pIvchoH ghaH

vay' vImawchugh
quvwIj vIchermeH tIqwIj vI'ang 

I've added what I want to say in English as I'm sure the above may confuse:

Three weeks ago My wife suffered a possible stroke.
This caused me to be unhappy.
She's only 37

I unintentionally allowed my self to get aggravated

She has begun to get a little better

If I have offended anyone 
I show you my heart  In order to re-establish my honour .

Jon Brown
PS despite the subject matter I would appreciate constructive comment on

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