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Re: QoghIj 'Iw nIjmoHHey SIQpu' quchoywI'

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From: "DloraH" <>

> > Subject: QoghIj 'Iw nIjmoHHey SIQpu' qochoywI'
> nIj is a verb.  It looks like you're tying to use it as a verb; and you're
> using both verb and noun suffixes on it.

I had intended [nIjmoH] as acting adverbly on [QoghIj 'Iw] and then wanted
to add [-Hey] "apparent" on the 'noun-adverb' construction and thought the
noun suffix was supposed to go on the last word in the construction.
Especially as the apparent part was the "leaking" bit.

> quch is "kidnap".  You want qoch "partner".
I corrected that above

> DloraH, BG

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