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Re: ??HolDaq

DloraH wrote:
> > Sooo... how does -Daq imply physical locality more in this latter case
> > than in the former? Just curious as to your thots on the matter.
>It doesn't.
>-Daq doesn't work on everything.  At the time I wrote that I was thinking of
>the example /qep'a'Daq jIjeS/.  qep'a' takes place at a set location; it is
>possible to be phyically at that location.

We actually have an example of this.  Okrand wrote SuStel in Nov. 1996 on 
the old MSN-sponsored newsgroup, mentioning how 
impressed he was at seeing Klingon used during qep'a' wejDIch (the Third 
Annual KLI Conference):

   jabbI'IDlIj vIlaDpu'.  qep'a' wejDIchDaq jatlhtaH tlhIngan Hol
   HaDwI'pu'.  ghoHtaH je.  tIv'eghtaH je.  vaj SuquvmoH.

The only oddity is his putting {-Daq} on the ordinal number {wejDIch} 
"third".  Is this a clue that ordinals can take noun suffixes?  At the 
time, SuStel interpreted {qep'a' wejDIch} as being a proper noun, like most 
named academic conferences in academia Okrand would have been familiar 
with, and was therefore an exception: i.e. "at The Third [KLI] 
Conference".  Either way, this allows us to talk about places within the 
First City, the Klingon capital:

   veng wa'DIchDaq 'oHtaH yejquv vaS'a''e' noy.
   The famous Great Hall of the High Council is located in the First City.

>I like charghwI's option using -vaD.  I also wonder if -'e' could be used.
>But whether you use -Daq, -vaD, or -'e', jeS looks like it doesn't take a
>direct object.

Agreed.  We have no official, acknowledged canon using {jeS} 
"participate".  We do, however, have two examples used in the "Star Trek: 
The Experience" communique which I believe to be by Okrand (AFAIK, no one 
has ever asked Okrand whether he wrote it unfortunately):

   laS veghaS HIltonDaq «Hov leng: yIjeSchu'» qaSchoHmo', bIlopqu'meH 
HIlton yIghoS
   Come celebrate the grand opening of "Star Trek: The Experience" at the 
Las Vegas

Ambiguous.  The imperative {yI-} is used with and without an object.

   tera' vatlh DIS poH cha'maH loS bIyIn jeSlaHpa' Hoch
   Be the first to journey to the 24th century.

No object:  "[in] the 24th Terran century, you will live before everyone 
[else] can participate".

(BTW, if Okrand attends this year's qep'a', could someone ask him about 
this text?  I'll send you the complete text of this - and two other 
possible texts I've been wondering about for several years now - so you can 
show him.  Contact me off-list.)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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