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Re: ??HolDaq

> >We don't know for sure.  The definition is "participate", not
> >"participate in".  Those that are willing to stretch definitions
> >use it without -Daq.  
> >Those that play it safe use it with -Daq.
> Oh, you mean like "tlhIngan Hol ghomDaq jeStaH"??

no, i don't.
> Sooo... how does -Daq imply physical locality more in this latter case
> than in the former? Just curious as to your thots on the matter.

It doesn't.

-Daq doesn't work on everything.  At the time I wrote that I was thinking of 
the example /qep'a'Daq jIjeS/.  qep'a' takes place at a set location; it is 
possible to be phyically at that location.
I like charghwI's option using -vaD.  I also wonder if -'e' could be used.
But whether you use -Daq, -vaD, or -'e', jeS looks like it doesn't take a 
direct object.

DloraH, BG

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