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Re: aspect

> >I have several uses of taH as "still".

"I have seen..."  :P

> I strongly suggest that you think 
> about what you really mean when you say "still" and render that with
> Klingon tools, or better yet, think first in Klingon.
> chaHvaD vIQIjtaH 'ach luyajchoHbe'qu'.
> I was explaining it to them but they still didn't get it.

I agree.  Shall I start adding a disclaimer to all of my messages stating that 
the translation methods I offer do not work in every situation?  That's how 
languages are.  Certain things like "table" and "stone" can have a direct one 
to one translation.  But many concepts can't be handled that way.  When I said 
I saw -taH used as "still" I wasn't saying it works that way every time.  We 
have to remember to translate the -whole- idea, not the individual words.

DloraH, BG

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