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RE: words for edit image

Because I am trying to learn.

I'm not a linguist
I only know English grammar because it's the one I was bought up with.
(and I'm not great at it)
And I thought that if one word meant something in one language and
anther word meant something similar in another language that you could
use the words to express the meaning.

I'm just trying to get a grip on it and when I've been told that visual
display means more like graphics doesn't help when visual display in
English means the computer monitor and not the content of the monitor.

And someone has gone and used nagh beQ on the google website to mean
images, or am I confusing graphics and images, or someone should go and
fix that up.

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>Subject: RE: words for edit image
>> I know I'm a newbie :-)
>> but
>> If the term, nagh beQ is a term that bas been extended to mean the
>> resulting artwork itself,...
>Klingon is a language, not a code. You show no interest in the grammar
or in
>the ability to express ideas. Instead, you show a lot of interest in
>the right word in Klingon to exactly match a particular word you have
>English. That's not how translating from one language to another works.
That is
>how codes work, but it is not how languages work.
>What is the English word for "banana"? What is the French word for
>What is the English word for "Art Nouveau"? What is the Klingon word
>for "umbrella"?
>Keep asking questions like that and you won't ever learn how to say
>meaningful in the Klingon language. If you aren't interested in
learning how to
>do that, then why do you seek so much attention from this group?

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