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Re: chuvmey ("leftovers")

Quvar wrote:
>Am 23.07.2002 22:51:30, schrieb Voragh:
> >chuvmey  leftovers (n.)
> >"If, for some reason, the {qagh} cannot be consumed before they all die,
> >... this is a common way to serve leftovers." (KGT:87)
>This is very interesting, but it's about leftovers, not about {chuvmey}.

Agreed.  It tells us nothing as to whether the singular noun {chuv} is used 
in Klingon.

> >Klingon?  AFAIK it isn't in (American) English.
>My english-german dictioanry says:
>   "leftover I adj. ... II noun ..."
>nothing about plural or singular.

You need a better dictionary, one with detailed usage notes and example 
sentences.  "Leftovers" is like those other English words which only occur 
in the plural: "pants", "britches", "trousers", "scissors", etc.  No-one 
says "a pant", "a britch", "a trouser", or "a scissor".  (You can say, 
however, "trouser pocket" [a component part of trousers], but not a "pant 
pocket" or a "britch pocket".  Go figure.)

> >Okrand did, as an adjective (or is it a participle in English?): {Soj chuv}
>I read this like an adjective (a {wot}) "food (be) leftover"
>Just lika any other adj./wot: Soj bIr "food (be) cold"

I meant, is "leftover" a participle *in English*?  I.e. "which has been 
left over" (e.g. from yesterday's supper).

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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