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Re: chuvmey ("leftovers")

Am 25.07.2002 00:10:23, schrieb Steven Boozer <>:

>"Leftovers" is like those other English words which only occur 
>in the plural: "pants", "britches", "trousers", "scissors", etc.  
weird. So my dictionary is wrong!? it's one of the best I know of in Germany.
Is "leftovers" only used for food? According to my E-G dictionary it's not.
The whole entry says (translated):
"leftover I adj. be left (over); II noun. remains, (especially food-)remains"
But when I look up "remains" (in German) I find
"remains n. [...] of a meal: leftovers pl."
*there* is the plural note! :-)

>I meant, is "leftover" a participle *in English*?  I.e. "which has been 
>left over" (e.g. from yesterday's supper).
I don't know that, I never really "studied" english language.
Just like I said before, I use {chuv} just like {tIn} or {Doq}.


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